Classes for beginners. In addition to rest and spend time in a wonderful atmosphere you can learn how to practically introduce relaxation techniques into your life and enjoy them every day. The program includes:

  • morning classes in hatha yoga for beginners
  • relaxation
  • breakfast
  • free time
  • lectures in the field of healthy lifestyle (Ayurveda and unconventional methods of treatment).

Evening classes, meditation, movies, relaxation, conversation.  Holidays program was arranged in a way that optimally allows you to experience the benefits of meditation. Meditation cleanses and calms the mind. Gradually leads to complete self-realization. Morning meditation classes are supported by practicing yoga for beginners. These exercises stretch the body, strengthen and regenerate. Massage, acupressure, acupuncture, homeopathic advice in their spare time will take an additional condition of the body. An experienced hands and expert advice will help massage therapists to deal with the various major and minor ailments. Talks with the scope of these areas will allow for a greater understanding of the principles of the treatments. Evenings usually end with meditation in the singing and interesting discussions laced with sweet veg cookies. The whole Holiday care take instructors from the School of Meditation and Self-realization.